The Mark 2 Balloonbed.

There are two versions of the balloonbed, this page gives information on:

  • The Mark 2 Balloonbed - don't be fooled into thinking that this is the better bed because it is deeper - it is less stable to lie on, takes longer to inflate and balloons can ony be obtained from us. The bed is intended for 'bigger' users (83kg+)

Mark 2 balloonbed - roughly 75mm thick (3 inches in old money)

This mat has 6 compartments and uses 350Q balloons - these are supposed to be 3 inches thick and 50 inches long (but generally inflate to 1070mm in length). We developed this bed for larger users: 

  • The mat is quite deep so provides more cushioning than the 'original' - users of a more substantial size (big blokes and lasses) who sleep on their side a lot may find this the better option as they are less likely to 'bottom out'.
  • The deeper balloons however, roll inside the fabric more and the bed feels less stable - it 'creaks' as you move around more than the original too. 
  • You'll probably need to buy replacement balloons from us when you run out as the 350Q balloons are harder to get hold of.
  • The balloons take a little longer to inflate with the pump as they have a greater volume - but there are only 6 to inflate.

As a rough guide, if you are 13st and over (83kg +) then the Mark 2 despite not being as good as the Original Balloonbed is probably going to be the better bet, largely because you're less likely to 'bottom out' and feel the ground below you.


The black balloons are for the Original, the green ones for the Mark 2.
Mark2 Balloonbed
Mark 2 Balloonbed
The Mark 2 balloons are fatter - not necessarily a good thing
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