How to Inflate Balloons - the easy way.

Inflating and knotting the Balloons
This is the important bit! You may think, "What can be so hard about blowing up balloons?" But it is crucial that you follow some simple advice to ensure that your bed doesn't let you down. 

  • Practice at home first! Some people even sleep on it in the garden or kitchen floor to be sure it'll work.
  • Follow the instructions for inflating the balloons carefully! I know.... real men don't do that but.... if you don't, you might find that you burst the balloons, have a miserable night and waste the money you have so wisely invested in your balloonbed.

The single most important piece of advice is to make sure you ligthly squeeze the balloon at the pump nozzle to make sure this part of the balloon does not inflate. This later enables you to tie a knot with ease.

  Pull balloon onto first ridge of pump Lightly squeeze balloon with thumb and finger Squeeze pump and ensure balloon inflates away from nozzle
  Inflate untill tail disappears - stop pumping! Stretch out latex in long tail Tie a simple overhand knot with ease
Inflate Video
Watch a video of the technique
We provide a mini-pump to inflate the balloons



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