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The OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) formerly known as the KIMM (Karrimor International Mountain Marathon) is probably the biggest mountain marathon event in the year.  
  The Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon takes place in Scotland in the summer months - June. Lowe  
The Lowe Alpine Mourne Mountain Marathon takes place in September in The Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland.  
  The Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon takes place in the Lakes in July Saunders  
The new Highlander Mountain Marathon is in early April.  
  The Polaris is a great mountain biking event resurected by the OMM team. Polaris  



Dark & White challenge events organise the Rab Mountain Marathon in September.  

There are a number of Mini-Mountain Marathons emerging. These one day events return to event base after each day and so require no eqipment to be carried for overnight camp:

Rab Mini-Mountain Marathon
Rogue Runs Mini-Mountain Marathon

  Sleepmonsters is a great site for Adventure Racing enthusiasts.

Fell Running Pictures
If you've ever competed in fell races in Wales you'll be aware of Alastair's great picture service.

Welsh Fell Runners Association
The site to go to for all matters 'fell racing' in Wales

Fell Runners Association
'The' fell racing resource
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