Prices Summary

Please note that Postage and Packing (carriage) is only free for UK and NI. Although our packages are very light, the pump we supply is deemed to be the width of a small packet, and hence incurs quite a hefty carriage charge.

Original Balloonbed (including balloons for 3 outings and pump)


Mark2 Balloonbed (including balloons for 3 outings and pump)  


Replacement set of 25 balloons for Original Balloonbed


Replacement set of 22 balloons for Mark2 Balloonbed  


3 Replacement pumps  


3 Balloon Pillows


Carriage to other European countries outside the UK (this includes Ireland)


Carriage to countries outside Europe (Australia.....)


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Original Ballonbed
Mark 2
Mark 2 Balloonbed
Original Balloons
Mark 2 Balloons
Replacement pumps
Balloon pillows
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