Limitations of the Balloonbed

We now sell the Balloonbed all over the world and have been delighted with the very positive feedback we have had.

It was designed for use by lightweight kit enthusiasts who need their sleeping mat to be as small and as light as possible. It is intended for use by people taking part in competitions or extreme challenges who will either be running with it or walking long distances with it in their rucksack.

The Balloonbed is not a suitable air bed for family camping trips.

You may feel that the Balloonbed has too many limitations but in reality, what can you expect from a bed weighing less than 100g that's made from balloons? If we could produce a bed as durable as a Therm-a-Rest® and as light and as small when packed as a Balloonbed we could corner the world market in camping beds.

The Balloonbed will take up hardly any room in your sack and add hardly any weight and in our opinion should only be thought of as one step up from bubble wrap or a thin foam pad.   

If either of these two products is your idea of how a camp bed should be then Balloonbed is not for you.

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