What do you get when you buy a Balloonbed?

What you get.

  • The lightweight mattress fabric with sewn in sleeves in which 7 balloons need to be inserted.
  • 25 long modelling balloons (enough for at least 3 outings).
  • Mini-pump for inflating the balloons – we’ve only come across two people who can inflate these balloons by mouth.
  • Stuff sack for packing what you need for an outing – with everything packed for one night this weighs less than 100g and has a volume of around 250ml.
  • Information leaflet reminding you of how to get the bed set up.
The Kit
This is the packet we send you.

When we receive an order, it is normally dispatched that or the next day by normal post. We send you an email to confirm the order and let you know when you can expect your bed. The package easily fits through a standard letter box. Most people receive their goods within 2 days, and if not, certainly within 3 days.

Stuff sack

All the things you need for a trip fit inside the stuff sack we provide.

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