The Original (and best) Balloonbed.

There are two versions of the balloonbed, this page gives informaton on:

  • The Original Balloonbed - this is the better vesion of the bed. Although thinner than the Mk2 it is far more stable, robust and easier to use. Suitable for anyone up to 83kg.

Original balloonbed - roughly 45mm thick (just under 2 inches in old money)

This mat has 7 compartments for balloons. It uses 260Q balloons which are supposed to be 2 inches in diameter and 60 inches long (but generally inflate smaller - 45mm in diameter and 1200mm in length). This bed is the most stable to lie on and in our opinion the better bed.

  • This has been the preferred option for all but the much larger size user who have tried out the beds on our stalls at the SLMM, OMM and Polaris - also suitable for larger users who sleep mostly on their backs.
  • The balloons are the same size as the modeling balloons you can buy from toy / novelty shops so you can easily buy replacements (although they are inferior to the 'qualatex' ones we supply with the mat)
  • The mat will fit inside a sleeping bag such as the Rab 'TopBag' which has little insulation at the bottom. .

As a rough guide, if you weigh under 13st (less than 85kg) then the Original Ballonbed is the one to go for.


The Black Balloon is for the Original, the green one for the Mark 2



Original Balloonbed
7 balloons for the Original Balloonbed
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