Extra advice on getting the most out of your Balloonbed.



In order to make sure your Balloonbed performs at it's best, we recommend you:

  • Read the instructions!
  • Practice inflating and knotting balloons at home (we have a number of photos and videos on this site to show you what to do). Avoiding damaging the balloons whilst knotting will help to minimise failures.
  • Only set up your bed at overnight camp just before you intend to sleep - this helps keep static build up to a minimum. Static can build up from the moment you inflate the balloons and will be made worse by constant movement on the bed. We use our sleeping bags as ground insulation whilst brewing and cooking in the evening. On dry nights you may even consider damping down the balloons slightly - moisture conducts static along it’s length and prevents point discharges. 
  • Consider where you pitch your tent - avoid very thistly or thorny patches - we often put laminated maps under our groundsheet to act as extra protection.
  • Make sure you buy new balloons every year - latex degrades over time.

If you want to learn more about balloons and the science behind why the fail read our Further Advice page.


  Balloons don't generally like sharp objects.  
Static discharges can burst balloons
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