How to Use the Balloonbed - an overview

How to use the Balloonbed
All you need to do is blow up 7 long modelling balloons and insert them into the sleeves in the fabric. It takes less than 10 minutes.

How do I pack it away?
When you've used the bed the balloons need to be popped (safety pin provided - you'll have problems bursting them otherwise). The fabric can be folded away and the burst balloons later disposed of sensibly. Some users say they can unpick the knots and re-use the balloons (this is only an option for the very patient!).

If you’re worried about the environmental impact of throwing away the balloons rest assured that latex is a natural material and biodegrades fairly quickly.

Won't the balloons burst?
They won't as long as you treat them with a little respect. Balloon beginners who burst balloons during inflation do so generally because they haven't read the instructions. See Extra Advice on the Information tab for ways to minimise bursts.
The basic principle of the Balloonbed is that when you step or sit on the balloons -  the air compressed in that part simply moves to the rest of the balloon which stretches to accommodate it. If you've ever seen a magician give them excessive abuse as they twist them into bizarre shapes then you'll know how strong they can be. Go to the Pictures / Videos tab to see a video of Balloonbed abuse!

How many times can I use Balloonbed?
The fabric we use for the outer sheath was designed for sails and parachutes. It's very light, durable and strong and depending on how much you use it should see you through years of service. We supply you with enough balloons for 3 outings - after that you are going to need to get some more. If you've bought the Original Balloonbed that uses 260Q balloons then not only can you buy replacement balloons from us, but you can also get standard latex balloons from any newsagents / toy /novelty shop.

If you've bought the Mark2 with 350Q balloons then you'll have to buy more from us - see the Buy Now page for details of costs. Very roughly though, it will cost you about £1.25 in balloons for each night's sleep.


Insert Balloons
The balloons slide easily into the pockets provided in the outer sheath.
7 balloons need to be inflated
Stuff Sack
It all packs away in here
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