On-line security


The company we use to handle web based payments provides 128bit encryption to guard your financial transactions and transmit confidential data safely.

PayPal are a world-wide internet purchasing provider who provide a reliable and safe structure for small businesses like us to accept on-line payments.

When you click on any of the buttons on the 'Buy Now' page of this website, any information exchanged is within an address beginning with https: which is encrypted using SSL cerificate status.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology protects your online transactions. An SSL certificate:

  • enables encryption of sensitive information
  • contains unique authenticated information about the certificate owner

Click the icon below to view our purchase provider's (PayPal) SSL certificate:



If you want to learn more about web security and the VeriSign seal, then visit the VeriSign site here:



As you are probably aware, if you have a PayPal account then you won't even need to give credit card details.

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